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UPcycled Formula Containers

Last night I finally got to finishing this project that I’ve been putting off for a bit, and I couldnt be more excited to share it with you! I love these containers that our formula comes in. They are so durable and even waterproof from the outside. (I know this because I leave one outside with all of my clothesline pins in it. South Florida rain is no joke! and It’s completely dry inside.) I have a ton of scrapbook paper that I figured I’d use.

All I did was take off the label (which exposed a sticky surface underneath to be able to stick my craft paper to. You can also just glue it to it. I’m going to modge podge the surface of each of these to give it a laminent feel and will also protect it somewhat from water since I get these out when I cook. (Things can get messy!) I always love when I find something I can reuse. Especially when seal-able kitchen containers can really add up! I also made one of these to hold Cal’s legos! I hope I inspired you to  upcycle some of your leftover formula containers!

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