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Top Makeup Picks for Moms

So when you spend so much time being a Messy Haired Mom, you will notice (in most cases) that you’re not wearing as much makeup as you were before children. Before becoming a mother, I used top of the line makeup and loved my bare minerals. Now that I have the added expenses of having and caring for children and a family, I almost feel guilty when it comes to spending money on myself. Especially on something like makeup. At one point, I just stopped wearing makeup in general because I couldn’t get myself to spend the money on myself. (crazy how things change!) But as a mother, you need to treat yourself sometimes. Luckily, you can treat yourself without breaking the bank! I found a new brand of makeup that I absolutely LOVE. I will never pay such a high price at Sephora again now that I’ve found this brand.

The makeup is called Sonia Kashuk and it can only be found at Target. Literally, everything is pretty much less than $10 without feeling like your on a budget. The quality of this makeup and its packaging is so great and the best quality I have found yet!

Here are some of my favorite everyday items the the Sonia Kashuk line exclusively sold at Target.


Everyday Favorites

Here are some everyday items in my makeup bag that I honestly couldn’t live without!

I always have trouble remembering to moisturize. The Tinted Moisturizer is so lightweight, you can barely feel it there! I love it because it evens out my skin before I start putting any makeup on. Most days, I use a little bit of concealer, and the moisturizer, and I’m good to go!

The Under Eye Concealer is a Godsend. Literally, takes away those dark circles in an instant. Definitely a must have in your makeup bag when you’re trying to cover up those late night wake ups with your little one.

The concealer stick is great to have because you can quickly cover up your blemishes on the go. I keep this one in my purse for “just in case” scenarios.

Undetectable Pressed Powder really is so light, it feels like you’re not wearing any makeup. I like this one because it keeps your face from looking caked on! This is an everyday item that I usually can’t leave the house without.

Now when it comes to the Brow Pencil, this has to be my absolute favorite item out of them all. I have paid so much for eye pencils in the past at Sephora, and they barely lasted me a month. I’ve had this Brow Pencil since April. It’s now November and I still have about half. It last forever and goes on perfect. Not to mention it completely matches my eyebrows! I was blessed with some really crazy eyebrows. My dad so nicely passed on the curly eyebrow gene and I literally can’t be out in public without Brow liner. It truly makes a difference!

This Brow Gel is great for those of you who have unruly eyebrows like myself. This will keep them in place all day.

So there you have it! My must have items for your makeup bag! And the best part? They’re all under $15. The Brow Pencil goes for $5.99!

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