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Sweet Potato Smoothie

One last recipe today! This was to die for. So glad I tried it. I was a bit apprehensive to put a sweet potato in my smoothie for some reason. WHAT WAS I THINKING? While Cal has been sick this week, I wanted to get him some extra vitamin C. I forgot to pick up some OJ from the market so my friend Patty suggested a sweet potato to give him his vitamin c. Who knew sweet potatoes were packed with vitamin c? Oranges get all the credit!


  • 1/2 sweet potato baked and cooled (I put mine in the blender hot since i couldn’t wait.)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 drop of pure vanilla extract
  • sprinkle of cinnemon (plus extra for the top)
  • Ice
  • a splash or two of organic whole milk or almond,soy,etc. (doesn’t have to be organic, but thats what we use)

Blend this all together and enjoy this yummy goodness. Even though I put my sweet potato in hott, the ice made it nice and cold like a smoothie should be…


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