My Top Ten Baby Items List (PRE BABY)


1.) Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray

These trays are designed for making homemade baby food. Not only are they cute and colorful, but they are so easy to use! After filling them with your fresh homemade baby food, just put them in the freezer. Once they are completely frozen, pop each portion out into a ziplock freezer bag and repeat! These can also be used to make homemade mini popsicles for a hot sunny day by just adding in a popsicle stick before freezing!


About me and how I got here!

First comes love, then comes marriage
BABY! Is that how it goes? Apparently it does for me. My life has
suddenly taken a left turn and I’m convinced this is all just a dream.
(One I have dreamt of many times before)
On that note, let’s start from the beginning… Throughout my
existence, I have always had a strong maternal side. I can’t count how
many children I have babysat or nannied full time for. I have helped
raise a lot of children to say the least. I went to college at the Art
Institute of Boston at Lesley University for two years before I moved to
Florida. I wanted to finally find out what it was like to be on my own
without the financial support of my parents. (Spring break might have
helped a bit too..) I moved to Florida without knowing anyone which was
incredibly scary to do at 19, but I went with it.

—————–>Now we can skip ahead to where I meet Jesse, and am instantly head over heels for this man. For our first date, he picked me
up from my mothers cousins house and I felt as though I had fallen in
love for real, right then and there. He was the most beautiful man I think I have ever seen. He took me to the beach where we
sat on a blanket and drank wine and obsessed over how crazy it all
was for me to move to Florida without knowing anyone. It finally hit me that I had really left my life behind and started
a new one in Florida. Jesse, being the romantic that he is, brought
chinese lanterns for us to light off as we made a wish. Obviously, I am a
cheesy sap and wished that I would marry Jesse and eventually
have a family with him someday. And it just hit me as I write this now, that
some wishes actually do come true.There was a lot that Jesse and I have gone through since then. A
brief breakup, a cross country move to California, a few of my pets that
have come and gone, the list is endless. We finally moved in together
last July. I’ve never been more close to anyone in my entire life. He’s
my best friend, the love of my life, and sometimes even my mentor.
So here is where I announce that I am about 6 weeks pregnant with our
child! Oops! Did I leave out the wedding part? Nope! It hasn’t happened
yet, and we are in no rush to do so now that I am carrying our baby.
Yes, I would have loved to have done it in the “socially correct” order,
but this, I believe, is God’s plan for us; and I am ready to take on
any turns he has for the road ahead.
And here I am, blogging and pregnant at 1:08 a.m with an early day
ahead of me. And I swear, I’ve never been happier than I am now.