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Our New Bundle

I am so extremely excited to share that we will be expecting a new bundle in May 2016! I must say, this pregnancy has definitely not been a walk in the park. I seriously envy the women who are able to enjoy their pregnancies and then miss being pregnant. That is NOT me. I am not a fan of being pregnant. If I had to describe the feeling, I’d say it’s closest to feeling a really bad hangover that doesn’t end. Ask my college roommates. I’m the worst person to be hungover! But through it all, I know how worth it will be in the end and when we look into our little ones eyes for the first time.

This pregnancy has definitely been different from my last. I think by this time with Cal, I already had the nursery planned out. At our ultrasound the other day, I couldn’t believe how big our baby is already. Other than the sickness, I’m so busy with Cal that I haven’t had time to plan or think about the next one. It makes me feel guilty but I attribute it to having way too much time on my hands during my last pregnancy. Here are some photos I took of Cal for our pregnancy reveal. The photos make it look like he was such a good boy for the shoot but that was not the case. It took me and my father to get Cal to sit in one place for me to quickly snap 100 photos in 30 seconds and hope and pray we got a good one. I think we got lucky!




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