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Diaper Review! SAVE MONEY!

Hey guys! Can I just butt in and point out how freaking cute my little nugget was? I can’t believe he was that little! Makes me want to cry!! So I thought I’d do a diaper review for some of you fellow new moms or those who are expecting a little one in the near future! Before I  had my son, I had my mind set on using Pampers. I was a nanny for a long time before having him and always used Pampers. Naturally, I wanted nothing but the best for him and knew Pampers had a good reputation!

I’d also like to take the opportunity here to tell you that I am a member of Amazon Mom through Amazon Prime. It has been not only a money saver but a life saver! I never run out of diapers or wipes. As soon as I start to get low, my shipment arrives within the next few days. Through Amazon Mom benefits, you get 20% off diapers and wipes and free two day shipping! It’s crazy how much you save in not only the actual products, but gas, time, etc! You also get a 15% baby registry completion discount. Oh, did I mention you get to try out the benefits FREE for 3 months!? How awesome is that? It comes along with a regular prime membership so you also get free Prime Instant Video and Music, and you get to be apart of the Kindle Owners Lending Library. Pretty awesome benefits, huh?Okay so back to diapers! So we started our son on Pampers, strictly Pampers. Dad loved it because it has the wetness indicator. (that thing is amazing by the way) For those of you who are new to this, the wetness indicator is a little yellow line on the front of the diaper and it turns blue when it is wet! It was a real help in the beginning stages when this was all new to us. I would rate Pampers a 9/10. They never leaked, they fit perfect, and they had the wetness indicator. The only bad part was the price. They have the highest price out of all the three diaper options.

Pampers Subscribe&Save Amazon: 36.78 for 162 ct. diapers (0.28/count)

Around the time our son was 3 months old, he was absolutely smitten with Mickey Mouse. I’m not sure how a 3 month old can be so in awe of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at such a young age but it happened. (And no he does not watch T.V all the time at three months! 1-2 episodes every few days when it’s really necessary.) So one day I was walking through the baby section at Target with our son and I saw Mickey Mouse on the Huggies box. I got to thinking…Maybe we can try them but ONLY because they have Mickey Mouse on them! Sounds silly, but that was my reasoning! That night, I went to Amazon and changed my shipment to Huggies instead of Pampers. Huggies was also cheaper so it was a win win! Dad wasn’t too happy with the new Huggies since he now had to actually feel the diaper instead of look at the line to see if it was blue! The first day we used Huggies, he leaked out of them, (which had never happened before) so I figured I made a big mistake and it was all Mickeys fault!!! Fast forward to a few months of using Huggies and he only had leaked out of them a few times. I would rate Huggies a 7/10

Huggies Subscribe&Save Amazon: 40.79 for 222 ct. diapers (0.18/count)

When I finally realized, “he doesn’t even know Mickey is on the front of the diapers”, that’s when I was willing to move on. I had seen a few commercials on Luvs and saw that second time Moms are more likely to choose them over the more expensive brands. I figured second time Moms probably know better than I do, after all, this isn’t their first rodeo…I went on Amazon and looked at Luvs. Well the price I “Luv”, so I changed my shipment once again. When they came in, to be honest, I expected leaks, a weird fit, etc. They felt awful thin to me, so I expected the worst. To this day, he has not leaked out of his Luvs once! They have a little monkey on the front, it’s no Mickey, but I’ll take a dry onesie any day! Overall, I’d rate Luvs a 10/10. Their price is right, as well as their product. It cost’s me 26.39 for a one months supply of Luvs. (it actually lasts us a little more than a month) I’m happy, baby’s happy, and well, dad still really likes that wetness indicator so maybe I’ll just start drawing a blue line on all of his diapers. 😉

Luvs Subscribe&Save Amazon: 26.39 for 186 ct. diapers (0.14/count)


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  • Thanks for sharing Mckenzie. I'm saving this for future babies. Looking forward to having a look round your blog. P.s That's the cutiest little fella you have there.

    Have a great weekend

  • Hi Michelle! Thank you so much 🙂 Diapers can get pretty expensive! Luckily there are ways to save if you're willing to do the research…Have a wonderful holiday! Xox


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