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Cinnebon Puree


The reason why I call this “Cinnebon” puree isn’t because i took a bunch of cinnemon buns and pureed them and gave them to my 7 month old…. It’s because it tastes just like cinnamon buns (Jesse won’t stop eating it every time he feeds it to Cal) This is Cal’s favorite thing to eat right now, and I don’t really blame him!


1 sweet potato
pinch of cinnemon
1/2 of a cup of Yobaby vanilla yogurt(optional)
(If you’re planning on freezing this, don’t add the yogurt until you’re ready to serve it to your little one)


Cut the sweet potato up into small cubes
Boil them until tender
Puree them in food processor or blender (add a bit of water if needed)
mix in a pinch of cinnemon

Once it’s ready to be served toy your baby, then mix in the vanilla yobaby yogurt.  Also, the yogurt is optional so if you prefer not to add it, that’s okay too.  It just gives it a creamier more delicious flavor…

Enjoy 🙂

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