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Bacon Wrapped Dates

I learned this recipe from my good friend Emily, and I haven’t had a get together without them since! My family is always asking me to make them for them. They are my new favorite appetizer and they’re incredibly easy too! They have a perfect balance of salty and sweet with the pairing of the bacon and the dates. I never liked dates too much before this, and now I love them! Funny how bacon can do that for you 😉

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Apples and Oatmeal Recipe

“Apples and Oatmeal, they’re so yummy, we love them in our tummy, they’re made by my Mummy, Apples and Oatmeal. “
We sing this every time we eat this for breakfast! This is a really quick and easy breakfast for your little one that is packed with flavor for his little taste buds! This recipe takes about 3 minutes to make (perfect when you have a screaming baby demanding his food 😉 ) This is by far Cal’s favorite breakfast!

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Cinnebon Puree


The reason why I call this “Cinnebon” puree isn’t because i took a bunch of cinnemon buns and pureed them and gave them to my 7 month old…. It’s because it tastes just like cinnamon buns (Jesse won’t stop eating it every time he feeds it to Cal) This is Cal’s favorite thing to eat right now, and I don’t really blame him!

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Loaded Pizza Recipe

Jesse LOVES pizza so I try to make it homemade whenever I get the chance. When ordering out you either wind up with heartburn or an empty wallet, so here is a better alternative to getting take out. Jess is usually a ‘meat lovers’ or ‘pepperoni and mushroom’ man, so i tried to make up my own little combo that incorporates the two with a little extra twist. It came out perfect and it’s officially my new favorite pizza recipe!

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10 Minute Fish Taco

So I was trying to decide what to make for dinner last night. I had bought some fresh tilapia filets that I wanted to cook and I bought way too many tortillas last time I was at the grocery store so I figured I’d make some fish tacos! By the time I decided what to cook, I realized hubby was going to be getting home from work in the next ten minutes and I needed to act fast! (He is always starving by the time he gets home from work!) This is such an easy recipe with such a delicious outcome and it only takes TEN MINUTES! It takes longer to eat your taco than it does to cook it!

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Sunday Sticky Wings

This recipe is an all time favorite in our house. My boyfriend asks me to make them every single sunday during football season. Even if I make a huge batch of them, they only last about an hour before they are gone! I usually like to cook my wings in the oven, but last week I decided to grill them first; man they were good! I never measure ingredients while cooking these and they manage to come out delicious every time! WARNING: THESE ARE MESSY!!! Enjoy 🙂

For the wings:I like to use fresh "party style" chicken wings from the grocery store instead of frozen wings. They take less time and I think they have a much better taste to them.Coat your wings in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and season with salt and pepper (I love using fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt, but it doesn't really matter)After heating up the Grill I place them on and have them cook for about 12 minutes per side. (whenever you see a nice crispy skin is when I flip them or pull them off.)For the Sauce:I used to call these refrigerator wings because I would just experiment and put whatever I had in the fridge in my sauce. It varies every time, but this is what I usually like to put in them:


  • Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
  • Brown Sugar
  • Honey
  • Ketchup
  • Hot Sauce
  • Soy Sauce
  • Apple Juice (I like to use Apple Cider) or OJ (depending on which hint of flavor you prefer)
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Chives
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • Salt and Pepper

After adding all of the ingredients, taste your sauce and if you think you need more of something add it! I like to have a nice balance of sweet and spicy so I play around with the amount of hot sauce and brown sugar I put in. The hot sauce usually adds a little kick at the end of your bite!

After mixing up the sauce and once you are happy with the flavor, put them in a big pan on your oven and mix them with your wings. (I like to use a wok because it can fit a lot of wings!) Cover them up and let them cook in the sauce for about ten minutes.

After, take off the cover and let them cook for about ten more minutes. (Or until the sauce is thick and sticky!) They will taste like they've been slow cooking all morning...

Put them on a platter and watch them disappear before your eyes! I swear, its like magic 😉


Don't ask the Calorie count on these! They are definitely not very healthy, but damn they are good!