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Tex Mex Chicken Soup

Hi guys!

Last night I came up with a pretty awesome recipe. I was really in the mood to go out for Mexican, but I have so much fresh groceries that I would hate to see go to waste. With everything I had, I decided to make a Tex Mex chicken soup. I’m not sure if there’s too much of a difference between this and chicken tortilla soup (other than the tortillas). This was my first attempt at making anything like this, so I was obviously surprised at how yummy it came out! I’m

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Copycat Mocha Iced Coffee

So I am not the biggest fan of coffee. I never have been. But I need it, BAD! When your 9 month old is waking up multiple times a night, and by multiple, I’m talking 4-5; you start to really need caffeine! But I can not stand the taste of coffee (coffee ice cream is a different story). Jesse brought me home an ice coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts one day and it was delish! Apparently , I only enjoy coffee if it tastes sweet and chocolatey! So I decided I needed to come up with a copycat recipe for their mocha iced coffee. Here is what I came up with….I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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The BEST Chili Recipe Ever :)

Hey Guys! So, I am BEYOND excited to share with you my most recent chili recipe! I kind of “winged” it with what I had at the house, and it came out amazing. I’m just going to call it “The Best Chili Recipe Ever!” I cut a lot of the fat out by using lean ground turkey instead of beef. I also added pulled pork, which was the perfect combo. Instead of using canned tomato sauce, I pureed a bunch of fresh tomatoes from the farmers market. It tasted so much fresher that way, and I won’t be using canned tomato sauce ever again! (Which I probably will when tomatoes are not in season, but I can keep thinking that 😉 I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

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Margarita Pulled Chicken

So after moving, we ended up crock pot-less. I realized that we don’t have one right as I was deciding I wanted to make a crock pot recipe. What luck! I decided to slow cook anyway. I was going to be home all day, so It didn’t really matter. Boy am I glad I figured out this recipe! It is soooo good! I was trying to be creative with flavors, so I looked around the fridge to see what I could come up with. Margarita pulled chicken! And yes, it is true to its name!

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Mamaws Chicken&Dumplings

My fiancé’s Mamaw is an amazing woman. She is a southern belle at heart and makes the most DELICIOUS southern comfort food. (She also is extremely skilled in Rumicube) I think I gain about 8 pounds every time we visit her! The one thing I can’t leave her house without is Chicken and Dumplings. Before I met Jesse, I had never had Chicken and Dumplings. I didn’t even know what a “Dumpling” was! I grew up in New England and the closest I’ve had to Chicken and Dumplings is my Grandmothers Chicken Pie recipe (which is absolutely amazing and I will be posting that soon too!)

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Simple & Delicious Summer Salad

Hey guys! I thought I’d share with you my favorite Go-To Salad. It’s light and delicious and can be whipped up in a matter of minutes! It saves me so much time when I use my FreshCut Pro Dicer. It takes me less than a minute to dice up everything going in my salad into tiny little pieces. Sometimes I like to dice up my own, but when I’m in a hurry, this is a lifesaver! It’s also on Amazon for $19.95…Not bad! (Have you noticed I’m obsessed with Amazon?)