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First Birthday Garden Party

Here is our little one's First Birthday Garden party we threw for her a couple of weeks ago. I was really nervous that all the decor I had collected over a the weeks leading up to it was not going to go well together, but everything seemed to fit like little puzzle pieces! My daughters birthday is at the end of April, so having a garden themed birthday party seemed very appropriate. Can you say Easter clearance?! It was such a beautiful day, and we spent it with a bunch of good friends, and lots of yummy treats!

We decided to do flowers for the favors, since it was a garden themed party. The majority of the decor was from Target, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. The flowers and birdcages were reused from a friends wedding. I decided last minute to order the cake instead of make it myself, and boy am I glad I did! I totally didn't need an extra project on my hands!!!

Overall, we were so incredibly happy with the outcome of the party. It was the perfect day to celebrate our sweet girl's First Birthday!

I'd love to hear what Ya'll think about our little bunny's Garden Party! Comment below!



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Happy Mothers Day to all of you Messy Haired Moms out there!


Today is your day and celebrate as you wish! Do a little dance, eat some breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed, and soak up every ounce of love and snuggles you can from your littles! We spent the day shopping and dining yesterday so we can dedicate today to some family relaxation! Also, Please excuse our messy living room, after all, It’s Mothers Day!

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Babywearing in Cool Places | Ergo Baby Carriers

To be completely honest, becoming a mom of two terrified me. I remember wondering if I was ever going to be able to leave the house by myself with the kids. I honestly think I’ve survived it thus far with the help of my one particular baby gear essential. When it comes to any type of outing, you better believe I am wearing my sweet little girl in my Ergo baby carrier. It has been a lifesaver the past six months and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.
Some of you may know, my son can be a total handful. He’s one of those toddlers that we’d categorize as a “runner.” Literally, the boy can’t be trusted. In the past few months, I have done a lot of traveling solo with the kids, and I can thank my Ergo for being able to have both of my children still around.
The carriers that I have are the Original Ergo in Black and my new one, the Ergo Natural Linen Baby Carrier. I received it as a gift right after having my daughter in late April, and the light linen color was just perfect for the summer time with its naturally cooling and breathable fiber. Since my daughter was born and to this day, she throws a fit when put down. That said, my Ergo has become almost like a second skin. Even when she is out of the Ergo, I still find myself wearing it around the house.


I wore my little one in some cool places this past summer. During our travels, I wore her through flight cancellations, long airport wait times, hiking the White mountains of New Hampshire, a funeral, beach trips, festivals, food truck rodeo’s, amusement parks – you name it, I wore it. It all was made possible by being able to comfortably wear my baby while simultaneously (and frantically) chasing my toddler around.
I’m not sure how familiar some of you are with Raleigh, North Carolina, but there are two things we love in this city. Chopped BBQ and Beer. It was a long nine months after first moving to Raleigh and watching my husband try all these crazy sounding beers. I never was a beer drinker until all of a sudden I started craving it during my pregnancy (don’t worry, I waited until she was out to try some!). One of my favorite and somewhat odd places to wear our baby girl is the local brewery. I know what some of you may be thinking: What kind of mother brings her baby to a brewery?! This Mama! 🙂




It all started when I was having a date night with my husband. We wanted to try a local brewery out, but had a hard time finding a babysitter after our recent move to the area. Finally, after a year of wanting just a sip of this delicious craft beer my husband was raving about, our time had come and we headed straight for the brewery. It wasn’t until the end of the night when I went to the restroom and was baffled that they had a baby changing station in there. I immediately headed for the bartender and asked about it. Apparently this and many other breweries around the city are kid-friendly and even encourage bringing the whole fam! After that, we started to make a couple of family trips a month, checking out different local breweries and treating our little ones to a great atmosphere, yummy food, and two happy parents who get to taste test some of the yummiest craft beer in the country. That’s a parenting win if I’ve ever seen one! You would be totally surprised at all of the kids and babies there are tagging along with their parents. I had no idea, but I’ve been enlightened!

Being able to wear my little one at the brewery makes the experience that much more enjoyable. She loves watching all of the people around us all while feeling the warmth and comfort of Mom. HANDS FREE! I’ve tried a few baby carriers and have gotten tons of back pain from other brands. The Ergo has such great back support, and keeps both myself and baby comfortable the entire time. Neither my husband nor I am the partying type, so if we are going out, we usually like to have our children with us. It’s so nice not to have to lug around a big bulky stroller everywhere we go. The Ergo carrier that I have has a zip-up pocket in the front which can carry quite a bit comfortably. Not only does it eliminate the stroller, but also keeps me from having to bring our big baby bag along with us. Usually, you can find my phone, keys, wallet, a few diapers, pacifiers, etc. in the front pocket of my Ergo. Another feature that makes it really convenient is the hood that can shield your little one from rain or the sun. It’s the perfect set up for a family outing no matter where we decide to go.



So next time you are passing a brewery with your kids and wishing you could check it out, stop on in and see if it’s family friendly. Oh, and if you have little ones, don’t forget your Ergo!

This post is sponsored by Ergo in partnership with BabyCenter.

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The Perfect Gift For Dad | JORD Wooden Watch & Giveaway!


(All entries will receive a $20 E-Gift Card to JORD Watches)

When starting a family, you and your spouse are bound to have the conversation on who's going to stay home and raise your little ones; or what options you have for childcare. If you're lucky, you will have family nearby that can help; however thats not always the case. In our case, we recently moved to North Carolina, where we have no family around.

Since having our first, we have decided that it is more cost effective for me to stay at home with our children. It has been such a rewarding experience to be able to spend each day with my babies, but there are some aspects that make it really hard. Before my husband and I started both of our own businesses this past year, we have decided to forego gifts for each other and put our extra funds towards our growing businesses. This is so tough for me because I pride myself on my gift giving skills. I truly enjoy splurging on the perfect gift for my loved ones. After having our children, my Mama bear budgeting instincts went into full effect; splurging on ourselves isn't even in our vocabulary these days.

That's why I was absolutely ecstatic when JORD Watches contacted me to see if I would like to collaborate with them on one of their gorgeous wooden timepieces. When I first took a look at these watches, I was instantly blown away with the quality. I have never seen a wooden watch before, but I knew it was right up my ally. JORD focuses on creating timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle. These watches truly are pieces of art. JORD values sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. After all of the stress of starting his business this past year, I knew this was a product I would love to gift to my husband; and it would be something he truly loved.



(All entries will receive a $20 E-Gift Card to JORD Watches)


The best part about this was definitely the way his face lit up when I told him to come on over and pick out a watch for himself. He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. (I told you this was a rare occasion!) It has really made me realize how important it is to treat ourselves. The watch that he chose was the Dark Sandalwood and Smoke from the Frankie Series. (I was totally hoping he picked that one as it was my favorite too!) It is the perfect fit for him; who has a very minimalist type of style. Within two days of choosing a watch, it showed up on our doorstep. I was so surprised with how fast the shipping was and when I told my husband his new watch had come in, he even commented on how he had JUST picked it out.


The moment of truth! As soon as he opened the package, I wanted to jump in and grab the box from him. The watches come in a beautiful carved wooden box; you can really see the pride JORD takes in the quality of not only their watches, but the way they package them. As soon as we opened the box, you could smell the fresh sandalwood. He tried it on; which was sized perfectly thanks to JORD's easy measuring print out that they provide you when ordering their watches. The first thing we both noticed was how lightweight it was. My husband is all about comfort; so this was a home run. We were so thrilled to see the rose gold color trim around the inside of the watch that we had not noticed when ordering. (Both my husband and I have rose gold wedding rings, so it was the perfect fit!)

When we first saw the watch, it looked a bit darker than we had thought it was going to be; so we looked on the site and saw that JORD uses various species of sandalwood, each chosen for their unique and varying color tones. The tone of the wood gives you an idea of where the sandalwood came from. Ours is very dark (almost black in color) so we found out that the wood originated in East Africa (Mozambique).This shows how unique each of their watches are.

You can see the true craftsmanship that goes into these beautiful timepieces. In my opinion, it is the perfect gift for active dads; whether they are running around outdoors with the kids, meeting with clients for lunch, hanging around the house in sweat pants, or going on a special date night. This watch goes with all occasions. We both love the fact that it can go with any outfit. Now all we have to do is get me one!

Luckily for all of my Messy Haired Moms, you can enter my exclusive contest to win $75 towards one of JORD's gorgeous watches. (Which are already super affordable!) The best part is that EVERYONE who enters will receive $20 (excluding the winner) towards your own JORD watch. Whether you're starting to think about the holidays (yes I realize it's not even Halloween yet; but they creep up on us busy moms) or you're looking to treat yo self, I know you will love the quality and craftsmanship of JORD's watches as much as we have.


(All entries will receive a $20 E-Gift Card to JORD Watches)

The contest will close 11/20 at 11:59pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire on 2/28/2017


This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

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How To Reason With Your Toddler

I've got some tips on How To Reason With Your Toddler. Sometimes it's not so easy when it comes to reasoning with a stubborn little human being. If you can't tell, I clearly have some experience in this department. My son is a very strong willed little man. It has taken a lot of time and patience in the last couple years and finally I feel like I have come to a point where I am able to sway situations in my favor; most of the time. Of course, anything I ask of him is an astounding, NO! But we have come a long way.



Things have gotten easier once I started giving my son some choices. He knows that if he refuses to do something, say, eat his vegetables or go potty when I ask, he can choose to go to bed instead. You can use time out, bed time, or anything they would rather not do as your other choice. By doing this, it makes them feel in control because they chose the latter. It's when they say, "Okay, Nunight Mama" is when you're really screwed. If this happens, follow through and then go get them after a few minutes. (This is a trick I was taught by my awesome sister in law. She's got some great ideas up her sleeve. Check her out!)


Most times, toddlers just want to do what they want. If you explain to them why they can't do something, it might make them understand a bit better. Toddlers are like little sponges, they remember pretty much EVERYTHING! If you make it a habit to explain things in a way they can understand, they may stop asking to do things they shouldn't. Or not. It's a toss up.



If the top two don't help, redirecting your toddler usually works wonders. For example, we go to Target A LOT. Literally every time we walk through those big red doors, my son starts chanting "CAKE POP, CAKE POP, CAKE POP" while pointing at Starbucks. He slowly but surely gets louder and louder until a tantrum is moments from happening. Now, I'm totally not against cake pops; however, if we indulge in one, I know nap time is out the window for the day. And that's not cool. So, instead of giving in, I will redirect him into helping me pick out a snack or maybe even a little toy that he can have. At the moment, he's obsessed with Disneys Tsum Tsum's. You know, the ones that look like hamster shaped Disney characters? That's my go-to redirection, and for now, it works like a charm. For the low cost of $2.99, and the fact that it keeps him occupied and happy for my entire shopping trip, I call it a MOM WIN!


Unfortunately, there are those days that your toddler will not be down for any of these tricks up your sleeve and it will eventually turn into a time out. If you're out in public, although it's totally a pain in the butt, pick up your little one and explain to them that they have to leave because of their behavior. Bring them to the car and buckle them in until they calm down and explain that they are in time out. Revert back to my first piece of advice and give them the choice of going home or returning back to the store. Hopefully they don't choose home, because then you're screwed! ;-p


Combining all of these tips will be most effective for you. Good Luck Messy Haired Moms, and May the odds be ever in your favor.

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5 Habits to Becoming a Better Mom

  1. Be More Present a.k.a PUT THE CELL PHONE DOWN. This is my number one because it’s something I have such a hard time doing. Whether it’s reading emails, or catching up on texts, or scrolling through social media. Whatever it is, it’s taking away from time from your little ones. This is time you will never get back. Use it wisely!

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Top Makeup Picks for Moms

So when you spend so much time being a Messy Haired Mom, you will notice (in most cases) that you’re not wearing as much makeup as you were before children. Before becoming a mother, I used top of the line makeup and loved my bare minerals. Now that I have the added expenses of having and caring for children and a family, I almost feel guilty when it comes to spending money on myself. Especially on something like makeup. At one point, I just stopped wearing makeup in general because I couldn’t get myself to spend the money on myself. (crazy how things change!) But as a mother, you need to treat yourself sometimes. Luckily, you can treat yourself without breaking the bank! I found a new brand of makeup that I absolutely LOVE. I will never pay such a high price at Sephora again now that I’ve found this brand.

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Our New Bundle

I am so extremely excited to share that we will be expecting a new bundle in May 2016! I must say, this pregnancy has definitely not been a walk in the park. I seriously envy the women who are able to enjoy their pregnancies and then miss being pregnant. That is NOT me. I am not a fan of being pregnant. If I had to describe the feeling, I’d say it’s closest to feeling a really bad hangover that doesn’t end. Ask my college roommates. I’m the worst person to be hungover! But through it all, I know how worth it will be in the end and when we look into our little ones eyes for the first time.