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First Birthday Garden Party

Here is our little one's First Birthday Garden party we threw for her a couple of weeks ago. I was really nervous that all the decor I had collected over a the weeks leading up to it was not going to go well together, but everything seemed to fit like little puzzle pieces! My daughters birthday is at the end of April, so having a garden themed birthday party seemed very appropriate. Can you say Easter clearance?! It was such a beautiful day, and we spent it with a bunch of good friends, and lots of yummy treats!

We decided to do flowers for the favors, since it was a garden themed party. The majority of the decor was from Target, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. The flowers and birdcages were reused from a friends wedding. I decided last minute to order the cake instead of make it myself, and boy am I glad I did! I totally didn't need an extra project on my hands!!!

Overall, we were so incredibly happy with the outcome of the party. It was the perfect day to celebrate our sweet girl's First Birthday!

I'd love to hear what Ya'll think about our little bunny's Garden Party! Comment below!



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DIY Cloth Wipes

Hey guys! So I’m getting uncomfortably close to my due date and I have so much to do on my “Nesting To-Do List” I’ve totally put everything off until last minute as usual and am now pulling my hair out trying to prepare for little miss’ arrival. As some of you may know, I’ve decided to cloth diaper her from the beginning. With Cal, I was introduced to the cloth diapering game a little late and wish I had started at birth. It really is crazy how much money you can save. With Cal, I had made probably all of the cloth diapering mistakes a first time mom could. One of those that I wish I had tried was using cloth wipes instead of disposable. This made cloth diapering a little harder on us because you are constantly having to separate your

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DIY Monster Sensory Noodles 

Bring these babies to a play date and you’ll be voted Mom of the Year. And the best part is? They’re SUPER easy to make. I know, us bloggers all lie through our teeth and say everything is super easy! Well this is one you will want to try. Plus, it’ll keep your littles busy for atleast 5 minutes. If you’re lucky like I was, it kept mine busy for about 30 minutes. He absolutely loved these. And to be honest, so did I! You can also pop them back in the fridge and re use for the next day but just dont rinse them too much or the colors will get muddy and dull looking. Unless you’re cool with that.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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Our DIY Dream Wedding


Hey guys! I am so excited to share with you something I have been waiting to share for months now…Our wedding! I wish I could go back and re-live every moment of that day. It was such a magical night, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’d like to mention that I was extremely nervous about how the day was going to turn out. A week before the wedding, you would find me in my living room crying my eyes out frantically checking all of the weather updates for May 20th. 98% chance of rain and thunderstorms. ALL DAY. Normally, for a wedding, this would be an easy fix. Just move the wedding inside. Well of course I planned a DIY wedding and chose a venue with no indoor option. Oh yeah, and I also didn’t order a tent! I was so set on the fact that I wanted our wedding to be under the stars. The anxiety of that whole week working up to May 20th was overwhelming. Finally, I just let go, and let God take it in his hands. On May 20th, I don’t think there was a single cloud in the sky all day. It was the most beautiful day and night to have a wedding on the beach. I truly feel like God was on our side that day!

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UPcycled Formula Containers

Last night I finally got to finishing this project that I’ve been putting off for a bit, and I couldnt be more excited to share it with you! I love these containers that our formula comes in. They are so durable and even waterproof from the outside. (I know this because I leave one outside with all of my clothesline pins in it. South Florida rain is no joke! and It’s completely dry inside.) I have a ton of scrapbook paper that I figured I’d use.

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Recycled Planters

My garden is finally starting to come along! I ran out of planters when I was planting seeds so i used a water jug from my recycling bin. I cut the water jug in half and used both sides.  It’s a great way to re use old water jugs! Another exciting element of my garden are my key limes are coming in! I can’t wait to make some homemade key lime pie! Mmmmm 😉 (don’t worry, I will post the recipe when I do!) In my garden, I am growing Roma Tomatoes, Key Limes,

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DIY Maid of Honor Gift Box

Here is my DIY Maid of Honor Gift Box.  I was recently looking through pinterest trying to figure out something creative to do for my Maid of Honor (Bridesmaid gift boxes coming soon). I am in the very early stages of planning our wedding (we got engaged two weeks ago!) so I haven’t even picked out any colors yet. I decided to put whatever I thought was cute in the box and keep one main color that I know I would like to be apart of our wedding (gold). I made the “Maid of Honor” shirt and the Glitter “G”. I also did the gift in two layers to make it a bit more fun when opening it. Here is a list of everything