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Baby Items Reviewed after 7 Months



1.) Baeba Multiportion Freezer Tray

These Baeba Multiportion Freezer Tray are designed for making homemade baby food. Not only are they cute and colorful, but they are so easy to use! After filling them with your fresh homemade baby food, just put them in the freezer. Once they are completely frozen, pop each portion out into a ziplock freezer bag and repeat! These can also be used to make homemade mini popsicles for a hot sunny day by just adding in a popsicle stick before freezing!

After 7 Months:

I just started using Baeba Multiportion Freezer Tray when Cal turned 5 months old and could finally start eating purees. I love these freezer trays. They are definitely more pricey than just buying a regular silicone mold (which basically does the same thing) but they have the perfect portion for a meal. I also love that it comes with the plastic top so if you do leave it in for a few days, it wont get freezer burn on the top. Once the baby is out of the puree stage, you can use these to make popsicles (by just adding a popsicle stick to each one!) I also use this to make large ice cubes, and smoothie purees….

2.) Contours Options Stroller

This stroller is adorable and affordable! I love all of the options this stroller gives you. Start out by just using the infant car seat adapter for convenience when traveling with an infant. (The seat on this stroller reclines as well if you want to use the regular seat with your infant.) Once your baby is out of the infant seat, you can use the regular seat and choose to have it facing towards you or away from you. It comes with two mommy cup holders and one for baby as well. My favorite part of this stroller is how easy it is to maneuver.

After 7 Months:

When we first had Cal and would take him out, we would use the infant car seat adapter instead of the seat. It was really convenient not having to take him out of his car seat all the time when he was really little…Now that he is 7 months, we just use the seat for him.  It’s nice that it reclines so and sits up so he can nap in it or even use it as a highchair and feed him in it. Overall, we still love this stroller! The only negative thing I can think of is that it is a big bulky and heavy so it can sometimes be a pain getting it in and out of the car on my own…

3.) Vera Bradley Convertible Baby Bag in Classic Black

I have always been a fan of Vera Bradley, however I always find myself getting sick of the print that I pick after a few weeks. They make a baby bag in black now. You can never go wrong with black. Especially when dealing with children! This bag is so cute, everyone compliments me on how cute my “purse” is. The inside is surprisingly roomy with plenty of pockets and a wipeable lining. It can be carried as a handheld, crossbody, over the shoulder or as a backpack!

After 7 Months:

This bag is great! We use it everyday. It can hold a lot and is really easy to find everything in it.

4.) Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster

After nannying for twin two year olds, I decided I wasn’t going to buy a regular highchair. I had to basically hose down these highchairs every week to get them clean. Dried leftover food grosses me out. I did some research and found this Booster seat. It is completely dishwasher safe; each piece comes apart to make it all fit into the dishwasher at once. Need I say more?

After 7 Months:

I love this high chair…It straps right onto a dining room chair and is really easy to clean. I mean REALLY easy. All I have to do is pop it into the dishwasher if it needs a good clean or just a quick wipe down after Cal eats.

5.) Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym

I think the colors were what originally attracted me to this activity gym. I love how soft it is and the fact that it came with an infant tummy time pillow! I also loved the fact that it was 100% cotton.

After 7 Months:

This is a great find. Cal loves it. It’s soft and colorful and has tons of things that have different textures and makes different sounds. Plus all of the hanging animals can be used as car seat toys so you get a 2 for 1 deal 🙂

6.) Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets

These are my all time favorite swaddling blankets. They are so soft and keep baby so warm and snuggly without overheating them. You can use them as a swaddler, drape it over a stroller or infant carseat as a sun shade, tummy time blanket, burp cloth, etc. This is also 100% cotton!

After 7 Months:

I was really excited about these blankets when we first got them. They are excellent quality and they are so cute. Of course I have the child that absolutely HATES to be swaddled! I didn’t use these as much, but they are nice for a light blanket in the summer time…

7.) JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me

Having your first baby during the winter in New England can be a little intimidating. I keep worrying about if he’s going to be warm enough or not. I’ll probably end up overheating him by accident because I’ll think he’s cold all the time! This JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me is going to be perfect for our little nugget. It’s like a little sleeping bag for your infant. It can go in both your car seat and stroller. I also love how it matches my Vera Bradley baby bag! The inside is so incredibly soft it makes me wish they made a matching one in my size!

After 7 Months:

This was awesome! Kept Cal super warm in the New England winter without having to bring a bunch of bulky blankets. Now we live in FL and have no need for this..I’m not complaining 🙂

8.) Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine

I was so excited when I got this for my baby shower. I was looking everywhere for a sound machine that also plugged into an ipod. This Sound machine has tons of options for white noise as well as a bunch of nursery rhymes. It has a nightlight at the top and a timer option on the front that will automatically shut it off. A smaller ipod fits perfectly in the bottom of it. We bought our little one his own ipod shuffle to keep in there with all of his Rockabye Baby lullabies on it.

After 7 Months:

We use this EVERY NIGHT….It blocks out so much noise from the house and street while Cal is sleeping…I contemplated buying one for myself for when I nap, but I don’t get too many of those anymore..HA!

9.) Munchkin Shampoo Rinser

This rinser is designed perfectly. It’s super flexible so you never have to get soap in baby’s eyes.  It can hold a good amount of water so I use it to fill up the infant bathtub for bath time.

After 7 Months:

We love this and so does Cal. He loves to take it from us and chew on it…It’s made out of very soft and flexible plastic so it doesn’t hurt him when he tries to take a bite out of it…

10.) Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

This was a great find. It was one of the highest rated baby monitors on Amazon and it’s super affordable! I really wanted a video baby monitor without having to spend hundreds of dollars on one. This monitor gives you the quality of all the other baby monitors without having to pay the price.

This is probably our favorite item so far. It works so great and it doesn’t hurt that the price is easily half of all the competing baby monitors out there. The picture on here is clear as day. We put it on the setting that mutes it until a sound is made in the room which makes it nice and quiet for us to sleep with it on at night.

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