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Awesome Amazon Find

The thing about living in Florida is that you’re at the beach a lot. I needed to find something for cal that would protect his florescent white little skin and be easy to get on and off. I tried the Rash guard shirts that pull over the head. It was such a pain to get on and off; AND it was super tight (even when I bought it a few sizes big!) Another thing I disliked about those were they would constantly ride up and his whole belly would be out! I doubt that is comfortable; and it also makes him more prone to get sunburned there.

This is the I play Unisex-Baby Infant Swim Sunsuit. It is AMAZING! So easy to get on and off and it protects my baby’s delicate skin. It’s a WIN WIN. It has a front zipper as well as snaps at the bottom that can make diaper changing super quick and easy. Another great thing about this sun suit is that it drys fast; so by the time we pack up everything and get to the car, it’s pretty much dry. They also have a few different options for colors. 

FYI…I bought Cal’s Sunsuit a size big so he will be able to wear it for longer. I definitely recommend doing that if you have a fast little grower like I do!

I got this for 24.99 with free shipping on Amazon (because I have an Amazon Mom Prime Membership), but It’s now listed for 12.99! I think I’ll buy a few more 🙂

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