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Fresh Wave | All Natural Odor Remover

It’s always exciting for me when I find a product that is not only made with natural ingredients, but is actually safe to be around my children. Although they have never been super sensitive to any type of detergents or chemicals, it’s important for me to reduce any type of interaction I can on their contact with toxic chemicals. Even if it’s in the smallest amount. One product we have completely stopped using since having kids is Febreeze. Although it is oh so nice to walk into a room and get a wiff of the fresh Alps mountainside in mid spring, it makes me entirely uncomfortable just thinking about the amount of chemicals that goes into air freshening products like these; which will have direct contact with my babies skin as they crawl all over my rugs and couches. It’s funny how you become so aware and mores paranoid of these things when you become a parent! If you would like to see the full list of UNDISCLOSED ingredients in Febreeze, this is a great source. Caution: It may be very eye opening for you if your love Febreeze products.

Introducing Fresh Wave!


If you aren't familiar, Fresh Wave odor eliminators use the power of nature to actually remove odors.  No harsh chemicals. No harmful ingredients.  No masking fragrances.  Just water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood — to get rid of organic and inorganic odors. Basically, Fresh Wave products are environmentally friendly, and most importantly non-toxic.  When Fresh Wave first contacted me to try their products, I was instantly excited. Finally a odor eliminating product I can trust around my babies! But you always have that doubt in the back of your brain when trying a new "All Natural" product. The question is, Will it actually work? 


Over the last month, I have been using Fresh Wave as much as possible. I really wanted to test out and get to know how well it actually works before writing a review about it. I have definitely fallen into the trap of reading a sponsored post about a product only to find it a disappointment. That always leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. How could someone say something was - oh so great - when the product actually kinda sucked!? So for a little over a month, I have been using Fresh Wave in every way that I possibly could. And here is the honest truth.

I actually really really like Fresh Wave Products.

In my sample package, I received a bottle of the Odor Removing Spray, Odor Removing Gel, Odor Removing Packs, and the Odor Removing Laundry Booster. The two products that have been the most effective for me have been the Odor Removing Gel, and the Laundry Booster; although all of them have been revolutionary in our home.

Lets face it Messy Haired Moms, your babies are cute, but they stink like hell sometimes! We just started feeding our little one solids, and things have really changed in the diaper department. As some of you may know, we are a cloth diapering family and this change can be much more of a transition than if we were using disposables. I have definitely been having a lot of second thoughts about this whole cloth diapering thing lately. The Fresh Wave Odor Removing Laundry Booster has been a godsend. Sometimes it's tough to get those stinks out, but since using Fresh Wave, our little peanuts diapers have been coming out of the wash odor free. It's been truly helpful in our wash routine.

Aside from cloth diapers, sometimes you need a little booster in your laundry if you have something that was a little mildew-y smelling. (Yes I just made up the word mildew-y.)  The best part about Fresh Wave products, is that it doesn't mask the smell. It truly eliminates them.


Next, I tried the Odor Removing Gel and Travel Gel Packs. These are awesome. Literally, I am constantly moving them around the house if I smell something icky. The travel ones are great for the car, but I have found them THE MOST effective in our cloth diaper pail. It has been revolutionary.

Next comes the Odor Removing Spray. So our living room rug has taken a bit of a beating in the last 3 years since my son was born. Although it's a great rug, it's gone through pets, spilt milk, and god knows what else. About every 2 months, we really give it a good wash outside. Of course the night we had washed it and left it out to dry, it ended up raining and sitting there wet for a day or so. Long story short, the rug ended up smelling terrible. I gave my husband a capful of Fresh Wave, along with some other soaps and cleaning products and it really helped. But after it was dry, it still had a slight odor. In came the Fresh Wave Spray. It sprayed and sprayed and sprayed away. Odors Gone. BOOM. Mind Blown. I literally was talking with my husband about just getting a new rug and tossing it. We were really close. Now it's good as new, except for my son spilling chocolate milk on it as we speak.



In all, we have really loved all of the Fresh Wave products we have tried. It's really refreshing - no pun intended - when I find a product that I actually like and that WORKS that is made with all natural ingredients. Fresh Wave also offers vacuum beads, PET SHAMPOO, and candles. All three products I definitely will be testing out. Oh and by the way, Fresh Wave Products are available at Target. You're Welcome 😉

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fresh Wave Odor Eliminators. All opinions of the product are on behalf of Messy Haired Mom.

Eat Family Dinners Recipes

Hidden Veggie Cheddar Bacon Turkey Meatloaf

Do you know what it’s like dealing with a picky toddler? I feel like I have constant anxiety that my little man isn’t going to get the nutrition he needs. At least once a week, I make a dinner that is packed with veggies and this happens to be my all time favorite. It has so much flavor and after processing the fresh veggies, my son eats these little meatloaf’s with a smile (and so do I!). The bacon and cheddar on top are the icing on the cake to this delicious mini turkey meatloaf recipe. This recipe can also be made into meatballs or burgers. I hope ya’ll enjoy as much as me and my little family do!

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DIY Cloth Wipes

Hey guys! So I’m getting uncomfortably close to my due date and I have so much to do on my “Nesting To-Do List” I’ve totally put everything off until last minute as usual and am now pulling my hair out trying to prepare for little miss’ arrival. As some of you may know, I’ve decided to cloth diaper her from the beginning. With Cal, I was introduced to the cloth diapering game a little late and wish I had started at birth. It really is crazy how much money you can save. With Cal, I had made probably all of the cloth diapering mistakes a first time mom could. One of those that I wish I had tried was using cloth wipes instead of disposable. This made cloth diapering a little harder on us because you are constantly having to separate your

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Chocolate Chip Chia Mini Muffins

Hey guys! It’s been forever! Life has completely taken over and I have been so extremely busy that this pregnancy has been flying by! This past week, I decided to make my little one a treat and they actually came out so good, I had to share them with ya’ll. He has a little sweet tooth as do I so I decided to make something we both could indulge in. These are mini Chocolate Chip Chia Muffins made with Vanilla yogurt and I would like to give you a warning. [They are addicting!]

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Farmhouse Chowder

Hey guys! So now that it’s started to get really cold out, that means its officially SOUPS, CHOWDERS, and CASSEROLES season. My favorites! I’ve got a super easy recipe for ya’ll to try this winter. And even better, It’s completely homemade! No junk in this one. It reminds me of chicken pot pie but as a chowder. It’s soooo yummy and will give you tons of leftovers that you can even freeze! Let me know in the comments below how you liked it! Have a great week 🙂

Littles Mama

5 Habits to Becoming a Better Mom

  1. Be More Present a.k.a PUT THE CELL PHONE DOWN. This is my number one because it’s something I have such a hard time doing. Whether it’s reading emails, or catching up on texts, or scrolling through social media. Whatever it is, it’s taking away from time from your little ones. This is time you will never get back. Use it wisely!

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Sweet C’s Designs

Hey guys! It’s that time again. My favorite day of the week Friday! This week we have an awesome blogger named Courtney. Her blog is called Sweet C’s Designs, and boy you guys are in for a treat! I think she may be my new favorite blogger. Her recipes and projects are all so unique and creative; not to mention her blog is absolutely beautiful! In Sweet C’s Designs, you can find everything from yummy recipes, to holiday decor, to fun crafts to do with your family! There is so much to look at and learn from on her site and I am so excited to be able to share it with you!

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Top Makeup Picks for Moms

So when you spend so much time being a Messy Haired Mom, you will notice (in most cases) that you’re not wearing as much makeup as you were before children. Before becoming a mother, I used top of the line makeup and loved my bare minerals. Now that I have the added expenses of having and caring for children and a family, I almost feel guilty when it comes to spending money on myself. Especially on something like makeup. At one point, I just stopped wearing makeup in general because I couldn’t get myself to spend the money on myself. (crazy how things change!) But as a mother, you need to treat yourself sometimes. Luckily, you can treat yourself without breaking the bank! I found a new brand of makeup that I absolutely LOVE. I will never pay such a high price at Sephora again now that I’ve found this brand.

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Free Christmas Gift Shopping Printable

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I’m not sure how many of your know this about me, but I am a total crazy person for Christmas. As soon as it turned November, I started listening to Christmas music and now it’s our nightly ritual during my sons bath time to listen to Christmas tunes and play with our Santa and Reindeer bath toys. I owe it all to my parents for making Christmas such a magical time in my life from the start. (My dad is a total Christmas Crazy too) Growing up, it seemed like every Christmas was better than the next. My father was a police officer and one of the police officers dressed up as Santa every year and came to all of the officers homes with children on Christmas Eve. He also would be the Santa at the holiday Christmas party. I was so surprised to find out that Santa didn’t visit all my friends on Christmas too? I just figured I was an extra good kid and it helped that Santa was a supporter of police officers! Plus, my dad had some connections with the North Pole. I’ve got to find a way we can pull this off for Cal and Our New Bundle as they get a little older!

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Making Life Sweet

I am so excited to share with you all our Feature Friday #5 Blogger! Meet Lauren from Making Life Sweet! I found Lauren through the Shine Blog Hop and with Thanksgiving around the corner, it was a no brainer when I saw her 10 Must Have Thanksgiving Side Dishes post. It was so much fun going through her blog and discovering her unique recipes (many containing my favorite fall ingredient: pumpkin!) It was so hard to choose my favorites but here they are!