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Apples and Oatmeal Recipe

“Apples and Oatmeal, they’re so yummy, we love them in our tummy, they’re made by my Mummy, Apples and Oatmeal. “
We sing this every time we eat this for breakfast! This is a really quick and easy breakfast for your little one that is packed with flavor for his little taste buds! This recipe takes about 3 minutes to make (perfect when you have a screaming baby demanding his food 😉 ) This is by far Cal’s favorite breakfast!

I used the Wilton brownie mold from Amazon to make these little frozen portions of apple cinnamon here for my Apple Cinnamon Puree RecipeDirections:Take a microwave safe bowl and fill it halfway with water
Microwave the water until its nice and hot
Take one of your frozen apple cinnemon portions and cut in half
Put your apple cinnemon halfs in the hot water and stir until completely melted
Stir in enough baby oatmeal cereal (I use Earths Best or grind up my own Oatmeal) until it has the perfect consistency that your LO desires
(make sure its not too hot still…it should be luke warm by now after adding the frozen apple cinnamon square)Enjoy 🙂

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