I’m McKenzie & Welcome to my blog, Messy Haired Mom. This is my online space to share everything I love! I am so blessed to be on my life journey with my best friend and soul-mate, Jesse. Together we have a golden haired & wild-spirited little boy and little miss who refuses to leave her Mama’s side. I’m a full time work at home juggling two under two and my photography and graphic design business, Ice & Milk Design Co. Like so many of you other Messy Haired Mom’s, I’m just trying to keep it together and make everything look pretty. It’s not easy! In my blog you will find lots of my favorite recipes, great products, DIY projects, things I’ve learned as a Messy Haired Mom, and maybe a little venting. What’s a blog without some good venting? I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


things I love // Photography, chocolate milk, home cooked meals, disney movies, flat pillows, spontaneous adventures, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, succulents, snuggling my golden babies, fresh flowers, autumn days, children’s books, staying up way too late, elephants, and sleep! I sure love sleep! (Although that is few and far between these days)

things I daydream about // living in a farmhouse, working for myself full-time, having a chicken coup (come on, FRESH EGGS PEOPLE!),  traveling the world, designing a children’s book, opening an apple cider donut stand, food. I daydream a lot about food.

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  • Your blog is SUPER cute!! Glad I found you via Instagram! (@ashley_glass)! Keep up the good work, Mama!

    • Thank you Ashley! I love yours too and your style <3


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