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5 Must Have Items to Sleep Train your Baby!

So I’ve been hearing a lot lately that some parents are having trouble getting their children to sleep. It is not an easy task and the process is not fun either. It leaves parents exhausted and cranky; never a good mix with a baby or toddler! I decided to put together a quick list of all the things that have helped us get our little one to sleep. We do the same exact routine every night and it has definitely worked for us! It’s also was a huge help to a few of my mom friends who were having trouble getting their toddler to take a longer naps or not get up at the crack of dawn! Right now, our son sleeps from about 7:30-8:30 a.m (sometimes longer) and takes a 2-3 hour nap a day. Not all children are the same, but this has definitely worked for us! Hopefully it can help some of your Messy Haired Moms get some rest! I know you all need it!

Here are the five items that I recommend to a longer nights sleep for your little one:

  1. Black Out Shades (THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT) If I don’t use black out shades, my son will wake up around 6:45-7:00 a.m. The point of these is to make it as dark as possible in their bedroom so they can take a longer nap or sleep in a little longer in the morning and get the rest they truly need. They are growing like weeds, good rest is essential for a happy and healthy baby! You can find these blackout shades hereand here.
  2. Fan. A fan is important because it moderates the temperature in your little ones room and creates a natural white noise. My son barely ever sleeps without his fan on! I like it better than a sound machine because it doesn’t create an artificial white noise which sometimes can give you a headache. You can find this fan here.
  3. Sound Machine. We like this Sound machine best because there are a lot of options to use it. They have some set lullabies, white noise, nature noises, and you can plug in an ipod and play a lullaby playlist or even use it to play music during play time! Another feature I use every night is the nightlight at the top. It’s not very bright and gives off just enough light for those late night diaper changes. You can find this sound machine here.
  4. Nightlight. A nightlight is very important because it keeps baby from getting scared while they fall asleep and it also gives them something to look at (making them sleepy) My son loves these night lights with the stars! Another great thing about these Cloud B night lights are the built in timers they have. by the time your child falls asleep, the light will turn out. If they are not ready, they can just push the button and keep it going. Trust me, eventually they WILL falls asleep! You can find this night light here.
  5. Video Monitor. Last on our list is a video monitor. This is most beneficial to Mom and Dad. Being able to watch and keep an eye on your baby gives you a piece of mind and keeps you from wondering about all the “what if’s”. I can’t count the number of times when we were away and didn’t have our video monitor with us and my husband kept asking, “well what if his blanket is wrapped around his neck!?” Which it never has but at least with a video monitor, you will know! You can find this affordable video monitor here.


Hopefully this list is a little bit of help to you expecting or new moms; or even moms who have struggled with trying to keep their child asleep a little longer in the morning or at nap time! If you get on a routine, I do believe these will work! Every time I go to put my son to sleep, he gets a sippy of milk, whens he’s finished I tell him to go lay on his pillow; I walk in the room, turn on his fan or sound machine and night light; give him his blankies, and give him a kiss and shut the door behind me. Some nights are easier than others, but it pretty much works every night. There’s a reason my Mom friends refer to a nap as a “Cal nap” when their toddler sleeps much longer than expected.

Good Luck! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks to getting your little one to a good night sleep! Leave a comment below, What is your secret!?

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